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My fear with Front Point is that the DIY installation will not be properly installed or functioning correctly. I don’t mind a 1 3 yr. contract. I just want a good system with good, reliable, customer service. Michelle no disrespect intended but having a security system for 6 years does not qualify you to say what is the best system or company out there. Frontpoint, Protect America and Live Watch are all internet based DIY security service providers that use the same equipment a local dealer would use. I have been in the security industry since I graduated from tech school in 1985. Wireless systems have come a long way and installed properly by a trained technician will provide you with very good protection for your home. I’ve been to many homes that went the DIY route only to end up calling a professional after they could not figure out what was causing the multiple false alarms. In closing I did find your article interesting. We do appreciate you sharing your position and personal understanding of the contract and the terms.

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Better home security systems come with things like glass break detection and motion sensors, not to mention environmental monitors like carbon monoxide or smoke detectors.

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Our experts put the information on the site and encourage consumers to read through all the reviews before making their own decision.

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